Corey Ogilvie • October 22, 2021

Fastest Way to Edit Weddings

“We show you the fastest way to edit weddings, what we call the ‘everything edit’.”

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Corey Ogilvie • March 26, 2020

5 Virtues for Video Editing

“When I researched how people were teaching b-roll editing, I was shocked.”

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Corey Ogilvie • January 29, 2020

9 Rules of Shot Composition

“Shot Composition is the strategic arrangement of elements in a photo or video frame.”

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Corey Ogilvie • October 23, 2019

4 Macros for Video Editing

“You need to stop editing and sharpen your saw.”

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Corey Ogilvie • October 5, 2019

3 Step Color Grade Workflow

“A simple 3-step process for color correction.”

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Corey Ogilvie • September 4, 2019

1 Hand Editing

“In my case, macros functioned as a form of healthcare and tax-payer savings.”

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Corey Ogilvie • August 20, 2019

1 Golden Rule of Shooting & Editing

“If you get this rule wrong your work will look bad.”

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Corey Ogilvie • July 26, 2019

Introducing Shakefree – the AI plugin that edits video

“In this video, we show how Shakefree AI helps video editors by doing some of the grunt work.”

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Corey Ogilvie • July 20, 2019

The Macro Revolution for Video Editors

“If you video edit and you still don’t use macros after reading this, you are self-inflicting time loss.”

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