1 Hand Editing

“In my case, macros functioned as a form of healthcare and tax-payer savings”

After a bad hand injury I was unable to video edit and earn an income. Thankfully I had discovered macros for video editing by that point, so I tweaked things and was able to find a way to edit with 1 hand. Also, my right hand was injured and I am right handed – this added to the challenge.

Freeze from below video demonstrating the ‘O macro’ technique that enables accurate 1 hand editing. I am right handed and I do the demo with my left hand, to show how easy it is.

I edit weddings and there is a lot of b-roll you have to edit to the beat of music. Also, you scrub and curate the best shots from a mass of footage. Both problems were solved by the technique I use and demonstrate in below video.

This shows you the liberating power of macros. They literally helped me when I was injured and one handed. They enabled me to continue earning income, otherwise it would have been very difficult. In my case, macros functioned as a form of healthcare and tax-payer savings – all good things!

Freeze from below video showing the mechanics of the ‘O macro’ in Keyboard Maestro, an app for macros.

Interestingly, once my hand healed, I stayed with the technique most the time, as it was obviously easier than a 2 handed technique.

If you know anyone hampered with a hand injury, share this with them so they can keep at it!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the video!

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