Wobble Founders

Wobble is a Vancouver-based Canadian startup focused on using AI to help video editors. Wobble is led by co-founders Mario Benedek and Corey Ogilvie.

Mario builds the software.  

He has been a professional software developer since 2000, creating applications for businesses, government, and the military.

Mario is fascinated by computer automation and machine learning.

He hopes to use these passions with Wobble plugins to help video editors.

Mario Benedek, co-founder

Corey trains the software.  

He has been a professional editor since 2005, creating 3 feature length documentaries, experimental short films, and over a hundred wedding videos.  

Corey loves editing, but he has a deep well of pain, from the long nights of cleaning countless hours of footage.  

He hopes to alleviate the pain of other editors with Wobble plugins.

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Corey Ogilvie, co-founder