Why Shakefree

4 hour wedding reception. 3 cameras. 1 audio recorder. 238 unique clips. 7 hours total footage.

If you edit video a lot, you know it is fun and creative. But it can also be tedious and complicated.

Shakefree is designed to:

  • Delete shake from raw footage so you can review only the stable parts.
  • Reduce ‘mental wear & tear’ of video editing, because your brain processes fewer video frames.
  • Increase your revenue if you edit professionally, because you can get more done in less time.
  • Increase your accuracy, because you may miss a shake. Shakefree maintains the same levels of accuracy all the time.

Even if you shoot very stable…

Shakefree can still help you. Think of the economics:

If Shakefree saves you just 15 minutes per day editing – 3% of 8 hr day – and you make $20 per hour, it will earn you $5 per day in saved time. In 3 months it will be paid off. After that, all time savings are pure profit.

If you have a team of shooters, some more stable than others, your profits will be even greater.

If you believe time is more valuable than money, and you edit a lot, than Shakefree can give you real value: more time.