Your AI assistant video editor

How it works

Shakefree transforms your computer into an assistant editor that makes intelligent edit decisions for you. It removes the chaotic camera shake that can’t be stabilized. It works silently while you work, play, or do whatever. Its edits are exactly like yours – easily reversible.

Below 30 sec. video shows how easy it is to use in Premiere.

Below 6 min. videoshows the AI’s power & accuracy at scale.

3 hrs footage; 243 shakes detected; 486 automated edits.

This automation not only increases speed… it decreases burnout and increases flow.

Edit short videos? Shakefree can reduce the raw footage you have to view by 5-20%.

Edit long videos? Shakefree can save you thousands of edit decisions per project.

How you use Shakefree

1 – Create sequence of footage.

2 – Process sequence with Shakefree.

3 – Shakefree outputs 2 sequences; one with only stable clips; one with the removed shakes for your review.

In below 4.5 minute tutorial, Shakefree autoedits documentary footage.

How Shakefree automates edit decisions (autoedits)

Shakefree uses machine vision to interpret your footage and make educated edit decisions – so you don’t have to. Think of it as a digital assistant editor who cleans up your footage before you even start editing.

It was built by a software engineer and trained by a filmmaker. For info about the Shakefree creators, see about us.

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