Troubleshoot Shakefree

We are sorry you are having trouble with Shakefree. To troubleshoot Shakefree errors, please do below steps and consult our FAQ. If problems still persist, contact us for support.

1 – Make sure your sequence is unedited, with no effects or non-video assets. This means the clips should have no edits to them at all – each clip should be full length.

2 – Ensure your hard drive has enough space for the .WBL files Shakefree stores next to your raw video files. You should always see .WBL files after Shakefree does its work.

3 – Clear ‘Unused’ media cache in Premiere. How? Go to Preferences > Media Cache > Delete Unused Media Cache Files

4 – If sequence is not importing, make a new sequence, then copy paste the same clips into the new sequence, and re-process.

5 – Restart Premiere.

6 – Restart computer.

7 – Un-install and re-install Shakefree